Experience Life’s original prayer was for 10,000 people to commit their lives to Jesus in 10 years. After the Lord answered that prayer in year 8, we believed the Lord was leading us to pray for 1,000,000 people to become disciples of Jesus in the next 10 years. As a result, we knew we needed to transition from a “megachurch” model to a “multiplication” model because the way millions are coming to Christ around the world is through the multiplication of thousands of smaller churches which meet in homes, much like in the Book of Acts. Experience Life is now meeting in many homes across West Texas and around the United States. Watch the 2 videos to the right to hear more about what God is doing and to find out how you can be involved!

10 Year Anniversary
11 Year Anniversary


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What would cause Experience Life Church, frequently named one of the fastest growing churches in the country, to completely change directions? Why would they risk an attendance drop and a decrease in giving to pursue a vision that has seldom been attempted in the American church? The leaders of Experience Life knew this journey would be risky and calculated the costs before ever beginning. They believed that following Jesus and aiming to reach millions was worth any cost. Be careful with this book! It might inspire you to risk everything you have to follow Jesus. You’ve been warned.
Multiply DMM Summit 2020 – Chicago
Changing ministry as usual to disciple-making multiplication

Chris was invited to share the eLife story at the DMM Summit in March of 2020 and this is his pre-recorded plenary session.


The WIGTake question is: “What’s It Going to Take to Reach Everyone in the People Group?”  Not what can I do or what can you do. Not what have others done before us. Not what’s possible. No. What’s it going to take? That’s the question we must ask! We have to be willing to do whatever it’s going to take! After all, that’s our commission.

We have had the opportunity to train around 700 pastors and leaders over the last few years in DMM. If you’d be interested in going through a training with us to learn more about DMM, click the link below to sign-up.
Mission Frontiers is a magazine dedicated to fostering and supporting a global movement to establish indigenous and self-reproducing Church Planting Movements among the 7,000+ unreached people groups of the world. It has a growing base of readers in over 160 countries and has been in circulation since 1979. It is the premier magazine for those pursuing movements world-wide with articles by some of the top movement practitioners in the world. Therefore it was a tremendous honor when they contacted us and wanted to do an edition of the magazine focused on the story of our church’s transition to a movement strategy. You can download a full copy of the magazine by clicking the button below or you can visit to read the articles online.
“Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations . . .”  (Matthew 28:19)
Is it time to take a next step towards your role in making disciples in the nations?
We would love to come alongside and help educate, mobilize and equip you for your role!
Whether you’re a sender, a mobilizer, or a goer — you play a crucial role in helping to bring Jesus to the 3 billion unreached people in the world!
Go on a Trip with us . . . Or join an Introductory Group learning about the Nations . . . Or, step into Mobilization and see where God leads you!
If not you, then who?
Our Downtown building has had a tremendous legacy in Lubbock! For years it served as a main hub for transport in and out of Lubbock, TX as the TNM&O Bus Station. In 2010, Experience Life bought the bus station and began an extensive remodel which led to the launch of our 2nd campus in the Fall of 2011. Over the last 8 years, we have seen thousands of people commit their lives to Christ & be baptized. Now, with our new vision, our dreams for the facility are even more exciting! Around the world where millions are coming to Christ, strategic facilities are being used for access ministry, movement training, ongoing coaching, missions mobilization, and prayer & celebration meetings for the thousands of churches in the movement. We envision using the Downtown location in the same way to help us facilitate our vision of 1,000,000 in 10 years. To help us fund this God-sized vision, we are also hosting more events in this facility. If you ever have a wedding, office Christmas party, or any other event you need a facility for, book your event at

Because of your financial support, thousands of lives have been changed by Jesus! And lives continue to be changed as we seek to partner with God in building disciple making movements (DMMs) both in the US and overseas. Experience Life goes to great lengths to assure that your gift is accounted for and used with the utmost integrity. All of our financial information, including gifts given to Experience Life, is audited annually by a CPA firm that specializes in non-profit audits. Our Board of Elders (see bios below) also approves our annual budget and oversees large expenditures. We are currently using our financial resources to support our growing network of 25+ DMM churches in 9 states, to train/coach more than 500 pastors/churches across the nation and around the world, to assist in funding our mission teams that are going overseas, to bless local ministries, and to support Church Planting Movements around the world that are reaching thousands, and even in some cases, millions of people for Christ in countries where many people have never even heard of Jesus.

Board of Elders

Chris Galanos is the Founding Pastor of Experience Life Church in Lubbock, TX, which is now a network of many churches meeting across the nation. He graduated from Southwestern Seminary in 2006 and then started Experience Life in his living room in the Spring of 2007. In the first 10 years of Experience Life’s history, God allowed the church to help over 13,000 people commit their lives to Christ & baptize over 7,000 people. Toward the end of the first 10 years, the Lord began to give Chris & the eLife Leadership Team the vision of seeing 1,000,000 disciples made in the next 10 years. They knew that their strategy for making disciples would have to change. The story of Experience Life’s transition from a “megachurch” model to a “multiplication” model is detailed in his new book, From Megachurch to Multiplication. In the last few years, he and his team have started over 25 churches in 9 states, launched over 160 Discovery Groups with streams down to the 2nd and even 4th generation, and trained over 500 disciple-makers & church planters across the country (even several in other countries). He spends a majority of his time training and coaching pastors across the nation that feel the Lord leading them in a similar direction as Experience Life along with helping give oversight to all the churches in the Experience Life network. He has been married to his wife, Emilie, for 15 years and he has 2 children, McKinley who is 13 and Charis who is 10.
John Bradshaw has been the Executive Pastor of Experience Life since 2011. John graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master’s in Theology (Th.M.). He spends much of his time mobilizing workers to go overseas, supporting our long-term teams overseas, and training church leaders overseas and in America in DMM. He was previously the founding pastor of Fellowship of Oso Creek in Corpus Christi. He led Oso Creek for 11 years. John is also a CPA and was the Controller at University Medical Center prior to going into full-time ministry. Currently John co-owns Rev7 Moving ( and CaptureIt photo booth ( He has been married to Cindy since December 1986. He and Cindy have 4 grown children and 5 grandchildren.
Jeffrey Foley graduated from Texas Tech University with a Master of Science in Accounting. He is a Texas CPA currently serving as Vice President of Finance for Atmos Energy’s West Texas Division. Atmos Energy is a regulated natural gas distribution company operating in eight states with over 3 million customers. Jeff has worked in various leadership roles for Atmos Energy since 2003. Prior to being employed by Atmos Energy, Jeff worked in public accounting for KPMG and Arthur Andersen. Jeff and his wife Tamara moved to Lubbock in 2008 and began attending Experience Life Church. They and their three children are now part of pursuing a disciple making movement in West Texas with the goal of reaching over one million people in West Texas for Jesus. Jeff has served on Experience Life’s financial advisory team and later, its Board of Elders, since around 2010.
Dr. Sam Douglass has poured his life into building the Kingdom of God through planting churches throughout the U.S. His doctoral work was entitled “Merging Diverse Ethnic Congregations to Do Multi-Cultural Missions Projects”. As a seasoned veteran church planter, Sam Douglass has planted many churches in various socio-economic strata and ethnicities. As the founding pastor of Yorktown Baptist Church in Corpus Christi, Texas, he ministered there for 13 years. Dr. Douglass is the founder of Just Coach Me, a ministry designed to coach and mentor church planters and pastors. He currently serves with Dynamic Church Planting International as the Director of Unreached Unengaged People Groups and New Countries.
Dr. Stan Parks is a sinner saved by grace and a disciple of Jesus seeking to reach lost people locally and globally. He was born and spent his early childhood in Indonesia where his parents were missionaries, before returning to the U.S. After church planting in the USA, he and his wife Kay have been serving Unreached People Groups since 1994 while based in Indonesia, Singapore, and Dubai. They have 3 grown children and a son-in-law. Stan is a Church Planting Movements trainer and a coach for leaders of CPMs around the world. He is Co-Facilitator of the 24:14 Coalition which is focused on seeing Kingdom Movements in every Unreached People and place. He has served since 2006 as part of the Steering Committee for Ethne (, a global network focused on the Unreached. He is also the VP for Global Strategy for Beyond ( and Director of the Ph.D program for Bethany International University in Singapore. He has a BA in History, M.Div, and Ph.D in Missiology. Editor and Contributor, 24:14 – A Testimony to All Peoples, 2019 as well as author of multiple articles in Mission Frontiers and other Christian magazines. Author and Collaborator, CPM Training Curricula, 5 Series: 10 CPM Lessons (2008), Simple Steps (2010), First Steps (2010), Next Steps (2011), Strategic Steps (2012). Various portions of these have been translated into 12 languages. *Note: Stan is not pictured due to his partnership with people in many sensitive locations.

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