Stop the Sleaking!

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I hate it when I have a sleak in a tire.  But worse is a sleak in your air mattress antire leakd you wake up in the middle of the night on the stinkin’ floor!

A ‘sleak’ is a slow-leak.  And a sleak (or a gaggle of sleaks) can absolutely kill your finances.  Sleaks are the expense(s) that slowly drain your resources. It’s not the $900 refrigerator that ends up putting most people in financial slavery, but it’s the $14 meals . . . 4 times a week. . . all year!  Or the $4 latte . . . 3 times a week . . . every week!  Or the $22 shirt . . . every week . . . all the time!  And on and on. . . .

Sleaks will make you poor.
How do you kill a sleak?
1) Be honest about your sleaks.  You probably know where they are, but you like them.
2) Decide that your financial freedom is more important than keeping your sleaks alive.
3) Put the sleak in an envelope.  Get in cash at the beginning of the month whatever money you can afford (hopefully have budgeted) for that expense.  Put that cash in an envelope.  As you buy shirts or lattes, etc use the cash in the envelope.
When the money in the envelope is gone, there’s no more eating out, or lattes, or shirts.

And the sleak is plugged.

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