“God does nothing but by prayer, and everything with it.” –John Wesley

Prayer Requests

If you have a prayer request, please contact us via your campus.

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Why We Pray Together

If we want to see results like they saw in the Book of Acts, we have to pray like they prayed in the Book of Acts. When you read the Book of Acts in the New Testament, you’ll find that the 1st century church constantly gathered together for prayer. They not only prayed individually, they also prayed corporately. We see a connection between their times of corporate prayer and God’s extraordinary movement among them (Acts 4). We want to see God do in our day what God did in their day, so we constantly gather to pray like they did.

Prayer Teams

At eLife we believe in the power of prayer and the importance of praying together! During each weekend gathering, each campus has trained prayer teams available to pray for anyone needing prayer. If you’re interested in volunteering on the prayer teams, please fill out the contact form below. Our campus prayer coordinators will contact you about the next training at your campus.

Intercessory Prayer

Did you know that during every gathering there is a team of people praying? Our intercessory prayer teams partner with God through prayer to move in the lives of each person attending. If you are interested in learning more about the intercessory teams please fill out the form below. We’d love to talk with you more about being a part of this group.

Prayer Events

It was at this time that He went off to the mountain to pray, and He spent the whole night in prayer to God. Luke 6:12

Since we believe God moves when his people are involved in extraordinary prayer, many times a year we have special prayer events. We have all night prayer, 12 hours of intercessory prayer events, and other prayer gatherings. All of our prayer events are open for everyone to be part of and we’d love for you to be involved. Find out more when you fill out the contact form below, and be part of extraordinary prayer!

Get in Touch

We would love to answer any questions you have about prayer at Experience Life.