I’ve Got to Change My Really Bad Financial Situation!

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Radical Changes require Radical Moves.

Three years ago I got on the scales at the doctors office. I knew that I needed to lose weight. Now.  So, I made the decision starting that day to limit myself to 1,500 calories.  Every day.  And to exercise.  Every day.  And I did.  Both.
And I lost over 35 pounds in just a few months.
It started with a Radical Move.

Some of our friends, Colby & Christy, made the decision that they were going to give their lives to telling unreached people groups about Jesus. They were going to need to move to a place where they would be trained and to drastically changed their way of life.  So they sold practically every thing they owned except what they needed to wear and to exist.
It started with a Radical Move.

cliff-divingIf you’re in debt, or just in bad financial health, your situation is not going to change without a Radical Move.  Radical Moves shock our system.  They turn things upside down.  Radical moves jump start us to a new way of life.

Dave Ramsey says:  You can wander into debt but you can’t wander out. You’ve gotta run.
Radical Moves launch us into a new speed of living.

Does your financial situation need radical change?

Maybe your Radical Move is cutting up all the credit cards that you have been depending on, and paying them off as soon as possible.
Maybe your Radical Move is selling your home and moving to a smaller house that you can pay off as quickly as possible.
Maybe it’s selling your cars that you’re deep in debt on and buying cars that you can afford with cash.
Maybe it’s getting a second job to pay off all your debt as quickly as possible.
Maybe it’s something else . . .

Whatever that Radical move is — Make it!  And make it now.  Your financial life is probably not going to gain momentum in a positive direction if you only take little bitty incremental steps.
But there’s a good chance that Radical Move will jump start real change in your life!

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