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There is a lot of financial advice floating out there, but do you ever wonder what lines up with what God has to say about money? Check out the Money-Wize blog for some practical tips and ideas that line up with what the Bible says.

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Some of our friends, Colby & Christy, made the decision that they were going to give their lives to telling unreached people groups about Jesus. They were going to need to move to a place where they would be trained and to drastically changed their way of life.  So they sold practically every thing they owned except what they needed to wear and to exist.

It started with a Radical Move.

If you’re in debt, or just in bad financial health, your situation is not going to change without a Radical Move.
  Radical Moves shock our system.  They turn things upside down.  Radical moves jump start us to a new way of life.

FPU Classes

Financial Peace University is offered throughout the year at Experience Life to help families and individuals really get a hold of their finances and begin to live like no one else! 

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3 Month Tithe Challenge

Beginning to tithe can be a bit scary, but it’s part of what the Bible instructs us to do. So to help people get started we’ve come up with the 3 Month Tithe Challenge! It’s a money-back guarantee of sorts…