Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we get most.


Can I give using my credit card?

Although we are able to take credit cards, eLife encourages you to live a debt-free lifestyle. If you use a credit card, we ask you to exercise integrity and only give to the church if you have cash in your bank account to cover your donation.

What kind of fees are associated with gifts that I make to eLife?

There are no fees associated with any cash or checks that you give directly to eLife through the Giving Boxes on the weekends or mail to eLife. There are also no fees associated with Drafts that you directly initiate through your bank.

There are fees associated with the other methods of giving:
Kiosk Credit Card – 3.0% plus $.15 per transaction
Kiosk Debit Card – 1.60% plus $.15 per transaction
Online Credit Card – 2.65% plus $.35 per transaction
Online Debit Card – 2.15% plus $.35 per transaction
Online Echeck – $.85 per transaction

Here is what the fees are on a $200 and $1,000 gift:

$200 $1,000
Checks/Cash $0 $0
Kiosk Credit Card $6.15 $30.15
Kiosk Debit Card $3.35 $16.15
Online Credit Card $5.65 $26.85
Online Debit Card $4.65 $21.85
Online Echeck $.85 $.85
Bank Draft $0 $0
PLEASE NOTE: The above fees are not paid by the giver, but rather are charged to eLife. Thanks for considering giving in ways that minimize fees.

What is the deadline for annual contributions?

Cash & check contributions must be received or postmarked by December 31 to be included on your giving statement for that year. Online transactions must be initiated by December 31.

What if I don't have enough money to tithe?

Giving 10% of your income to your church can be a big – and often frightening – commitment! But if scripture tells us to honor Him with our first fruits, we must learn to trust that He is faithful to provide. God wants us to trust Him. Seek His guidance in how much you should give, and he will honor your faithfulness and obedience. Still not sure? Check out the 3 Month Tithe Challenge.

If you have questions that aren’t covered here we’re glad to help! Just contact [email protected]