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Looking for a job?

So are a lot of other people.dogpile
I have hired people off and on for the past 25 years and technology has changed some of the job seeking methods but not the rules.  If you want your resume to move to the top of the pile here are a few things to avoid (and yes, I see these way too often).
The point of the ‘don’ts’ below is not to poke fun at anyone or sound like the know-it-all expert but in a direct way to encourage you to be aware of how employers are weeding through the many applications and resumes that they receive.

– Don’t have misspelled words on your email inquiring about the job.
– Don’t make me work to find your digital resume (i.e. a link to some place that doesn’t exist; or worse yet tell me to go to another site to find it).  Please just attach it.
– Don’t give me your resume in some weird spreadsheet format.  Make it a .pdf.  Again, I am looking at hundreds of emails/resumes. I like easy.
– Don’t ask me to call you if we have a position that might fit your background. (Hint: I will probably never call you.)
– Don’t have stuff on your FB or other social media account that is incongruous with the type of person we would be hiring. (Not sure what incongruous means? I’d probably google it.)
– Make sure that your email and/or resume don’t look like a 4th grader composed them. (If you don’t care about your resume will you really care about your job?)
– Definitely don’t have misspelled words on your resume. I will be done looking at it.
– Don’t make your resume 12 pages long with stuff on their from the early 80’s.  I want to see brief, one page (two at the very most) with your most recent education/experience.  I’m not caught up in what format it is in, I just want it neat, clean and easily readable

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