Supported Employees

Josh Parker
International Trips Director
As the International Trips Director Josh’s role focuses heavily on mobilizing people on short term trips all around the world. His primary focus is helping people experience Thailand in alignment with eLife’s vision to see this country go from Red to Green as more and more people come to know Jesus. He coordinates all of the Thailand trips for eLife, assists the CFO/Exec Pastor with the eLife Thai vision, and helps lead Financial Peace University.
Vanessa Jimenez
Intercessory Prayer Director
As the Intercessory Prayer Director I oversee the intercessory prayer rooms and prayer coordinators at all campuses. I also plan and promote the School of Prayer, help lead and teach the 5 week Immersion Prayer internship, and develop systems for a next level of prayer at eLife.
Shelby Aman
Outreach Director (Raider Church)
As the Outreach Director for Raider Church, my responsibilities are marketing, planning all events held for students who attend Raider Church, working with students within the student organization, and organizing summer orientations. I also lead our First Impression teams during worship gatherings. Lastly, I help care for the students of Raider Church and work with them to plant new groups.
Cody and Mindy Nitcher
Thai Team 1
Cody and Mindy Nitcher are the leaders of Experience Life’s first long-term team to Thailand. Their vision for Thailand is to share the gospel of Jesus in order to make disciples who make disciple-makers, ultimately leading to an indigenous church planting movement among Thai Buddhists. Cody and Mindy hope to launch to Bangkok by the fall of 2016.
Fred Gonzales
Freedom Campus Pastor
My name is Fred Gonzales and I am the Campus Pastor for our Experience Life-Freedom Campus, which is located inside the Lubbock County Detention Center. I want to take a moment to say thank you for your support in God radically changing the lives of men that society has labeled as lost and worthless. Matthew 25:36, 40 says, “I was in prison and you came to visit me…I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.” A Movement of God is happening at Freedom Campus and God is being experienced at a whole different level. Men being raised out of the ashes and raising up to be the Spiritual Leaders that God has called them to be! Thank you for joining our team and Investing in an Eternal Return! “You can be Incarcerated, and find Freedom In Jesus, but you can be free and still be Incarcerated.” (Fabian)
Zack Constoncia
Downtown Student Director
“As the Student Director at the Downtown Campus, my vision is to guide students nearer to Jesus and develop a personal relationship with Him. It is also my intention to team up with the students, and their parents, to encourage spiritual growth in their lives, and to always be accessible to their needs. In doing this, my hope is that the students would experience all God has in store for them, and that this would lead them to guide others in a personal relationship with Jesus.”
Phill Hall
Media Procucer - Raider church
As the Media Producer, I produce all film and graphic elements used in the gathering and online. My vision is to use these avenues that the students use and see everyday to share the gospel in a way that is provoking, fun, and something they haven’t seen in a church before.
Amber Binion & Patrick Snook
Thailand Internship
Patrick and Amber are taking part in the Thai Internship and preparing to launch to Thailand in early fall of 2018. In this role they will be participating in team development, launch development, language acquisition, leadership development, and mission agency on-boarding process, along with continued ministry experience.