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An Experience Life church meeting on Texas Tech’s campus.

About Raider Church

Raider Church is a campus of Experience Life Church that meets at Texas Tech University for Red Raiders! Make sure to read our story in Pastor Clayton’s letter! You can directly support the Raider Church at the link below. Just select “Raider Church,” how much you want to give and how often in order to invest in life change at Texas Tech.

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A Letter from Clayton Walker

In January 2014, Experience Life started a church just for college students called, “Raider Campus” which we now call “Raider Church.”

We learned that out of the 33,000 students that attend Texas Tech, only about 3,000 of them, if that, are involved in any kind of church. In other words, over 90% of Tech students are disconnected from church.

We believed there were several reasons for this:

  • There just aren’t many churches that are designed with them in mind. Most churches are designed with their parents in mind. The church may have a little ministry for them, but it’s not the focus of the church.
  • College students like to be around other college students & when you walk in most churches, you mainly see families.
  • College students are interested in what the Bible has to say about what they’re going through, not necessarily what their parents are going through.
  • College students like to sleep in on the weekend which makes Sunday morning a difficult time for them to attend something. A weekday night is much more conducive to their schedule.

We decided to try a 3-week trial run similar to Breakaway on Tuesday nights at 9pm in late January & early February of 2014.

The response blew us away.

  • On our first night, we met at Experience Life’s Downtown Campus & we filled up the entire auditorium & the lobby as well. Over 500 college students came to the opening night.
  • We immediately had to move the gathering to Experience Life’s Southwest Campus & we had over 600 the next week. After the 3-week trial, we decided to keep going because the response had been so strong.
  • After a few weeks of record crowds, we decided to move the gathering on Tech’s campus like Breakaway had done. We started to meet at the City Bank Auditorium right across the parking lot from Jones Stadium. We continued to have huge crowds.
  • We took a break for the summer & when they came back in late August, it blew up again. We set another record in early September of over 800 students.
  • When we came back for the Spring of 2015, we set another attendance record with nearly 900 students.

Since Raider Church started, we’ve seen over 200 college students commit their lives to Christ!

Our dream is to fill up the 2,800 seats in the City Bank Auditorium & then move next door to the City Bank Coliseum where we could have more than 5,000 students come. Then we’d love to end up in the Texas Tech basketball arena, just like Breakaway, where we could host more than 10,000 college students.

Here’s the challenge: College students can’t fund this vision. Many don’t have jobs & the little money they do have was given to them by their parents for meals & other activities.

It makes sense, then, that Breakaway is fully funded by Texas A&M Alumni. I believe Raider Church will have to be funded this way too.

So far, Experience Life has paid the bill for the staff, the facility, the equipment & supplies, etc. We just recognize that Experience Life won’t be able to do this, by itself, long-term.

That’s where we’d love your help!

You’re getting this letter because we believe you have a heart to see Texas Tech students follow Jesus during college & get involved in a church.

To our knowledge, we are the ONLY church that meets on the Tech Campus that is designed solely for college students.

33,000 students & 1 church designed for them that meets on their campus. Wow! What an opportunity!

Would you be willing to invest in Raider Church so that we can continue to provide a church for college students that meets on their turf? We believe that your return on investment in this opportunity will be enormous based on the results we’ve seen so far.

Thanks for letting me share this exciting news with you & about the investment opportunity of a lifetime!

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